Stora Enso is a Finnish/Swedish and the oldest limited company in the world having operated since 1288. That was during the Yuan Dynasty in China. Stora Enso is the world-leading producer of liquid packaging board. It’s used for high quality beverage cartons and allows long-distance distribution of for example milk and juice products. Every third beverage carton in the world is produced from Stora Enso material.


The Stora Enso operations in Guangxi consist of eucalyptus plantations, which have been managed by Stora Enso since 2002, and an integrated board and pulp mill, which is under construction and will be operational during 2016.


For the integrated board and pulp mill project, we have permit capacity of 900,000ton/year of pulp and 900,000ton/year of board. 1st phase of the project is 450,000ton/year board; the 2nd phase is 900,000ton/year pulp; and the 3rd phase is another 450,000ton/year board.


The mill is built within the Tieshangang Port Industrial Zone, about 40 km outside the city of Beihai. The plantations of the project are located at four regions (Beihai, Nanning, Yulin and Qinlian). The Guangxi investment is the largest ever in the history of Stora Enso.

斯道拉恩索一体化工厂坐落于北海铁山港临海工业区,距离北海市中心区域约40公里。林业种植则分布在北海,南宁,玉林和钦廉四个区域。 广西的林浆纸项目是斯道拉恩索有史以来最大的投资项目。

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